Best Yu-Gi-Oh Side Deck Cards

Here is a list of Yu-Gi-Oh! side deck cards and the use case of what kind of deck they're good against.
As an added note, be aware that it is better to side cards based on which turn you are taking without sacrificing consistency, not just using cards against 1 specific deck and hoping you draw them.

Use Case Cards
Xyz Flying "C," Dimensional Barrier, Duston Roller
Synchros mischief of the gnomes, mischief of the yokai, dimensional barrier, intercept wave, synchro control, Discord, Tuner's Scheme, duston roller
Fusions fusion devourer, dimensional barrier, duston roller
Extra deck monsters dimensional barrier, confronting the C, ghost reaper & winter cherries
Card searching droll & lock bird
Special summons Maxx "C", Vanity's Emptiness
Summons Solemn Warning Bottomless Trap Hole, Floodgate Trap Hole
Graveyard targeting/effects, hand traps skull meister, debunk, Macro cosmos, Abyss Dweller, d.d. crow
Pendulums anti-spell fragrance, dimensional barrier, pendulum hole, pendulum storm, time-space trap hole, solemn warning, twin twister
Monster effects effect veiler, solemn strike, skill drain
Monsters that can negate kaiju, lava golem, winged dragon of ra sphere mode
Tributes mask of restrict, intercept, fog king
Banishes imperial iron wall, artifact lancea, chaos hunter, mirror of the ice barrier
Monsters that can be destroyed raigeki, dark hole
Traps twin twister, Mystical Space Typhoon, nobleman of extermination, trap stun, royal decree
Spells anti-spell fragrance, magic drain, cursed seal of the forbidden spell
Attribute-specific Effects Zombie World
Machines System Down, Acid Rain, Electric Virus
Spellcasters Last Day of Witch, Puppet Plant
Warriors Warrior Elimination, Puppet Plant
Dragons Electric Virus, Victoria