sheepy is a US-based DJ and producer whose musical career began at the ripe age of 7 by taking private piano lessons. He continued to take piano lessons and music theory for 10 years until pursuing his own musical endeavors. Along the way, sheepy has garnered skill in various other instruments, such as the trumpet, didgeridoo, alto recorder, ocarinas, hulusi, accordion, and more.
Aside from being a classically-trained musician, sheepy has been producing electronic music and deejaying since the age of 18. His unique tastes and musical knowledge helped pave a way for his success. Not only has sheep been trained in music and theory, he is also extensively educated in the style and histories of a myriad of electronic musics, whether it be musique concrete from the '50s or hardstyle from the early 2000's.
As a DJ/Producer, sheepy is particularly well-versed in styles such as Acid/Techno, UK Hardcore/Bounce, DnB/Jungle, Goa/PsyTrance, and more.
Coming out of Southwest Georgia, sheepy has been known to smash parties and events all over the south. When sheepy shows up, the house goes down! sheepy's unique tastes, intriguing appearance, style, and explosive attitude has proven that he can fill the dance floor any time, anywhere.
sheepy can be found frequenting Google Plus, a new social avenue where he maintains ~12,000 followers.
For bookings, contact him via email HERE.