Cabal Online: Amp vs Crit (2015)

Let me give you some background about my Cabal experience. I played from 2008-2011 and became a pretty well-known player in NA. I have mained all classes anywhere from 1-3 different times, with the exclusion of GL since it is new. I just came back this year (2015) after 4 years of not playing and I am extremely disappointed in how uneducated players are.

The formulas for calculating damage have changed. Nobody seems to know the formulas except the programmers of the game themselves. I even asked the GM's and they told me they didn't know either. When I played, everyone knew the formulas and would calculate their damage before buying gears. I used to make spreadsheets for generating general character stat equivalency and share them on the forums. Now it seems like nobody gives a shit.

I am seeing all the players rely almost entirely on crit damage and neglecting amp. It seems like players are just flat-out stupid now. I will see 7 amp 20 cdi blades in the Auction House for 400m and 36 cdi blades for 5b. What the hell is going on? 36 cdi and 7/20 will crit almost the same. In the old days, we used to use a rule of thumb that 2 cdi and 1 amp would crit for the same. Some people think that "10% and 10% must be the same, so I'll go with the one that has more!" I am also absolutely amazed that people don't know that amp works in all scenarios. Crit and non-crit. Crit dmg only helps when you actually land a crit.

Another thing people don't seem to understand anymore is that crit damage is based entirely on your base attack and amp. If your attack and amp sucks, your crits will suffer. I don't care if you have 500% crit dmg, 500% of shit is still shit. With attack and amp so low, you will hit 50's on people like me who have everything +15 and extreme'd. Crit dmg is the first stat that will give you diminishing returns. When I see a Force Shielder with 300% crit dmg, I laugh in his face because FS have the second lowest attack in the game. Those FS always hit 50's on me. They need more ATTACK and AMP if they want to hit decently on people with high defense. We used to call this the penetration effect. When your attack is a certain amount below your opponent's def, you will experience a drastic reduction in damage output. The only way to offset this is by getting more amp or base attack.

Lastly, anyone who likes to pvp will be resist rate build. With high resist rate, you will very rarely land a crit, so all that crit dmg will become useless. I have 48% resist rate right now, so most people who are all crit will get a big surprise.

I'm not saying crit dmg is useless, but I am saying that too much is a total waste. If your amp is still under 100%, your crit dmg should not exceed 200%. A 1:2 ratio is optimal, and you should always strive for more base. Now, I will admit that classes with a naturally super high amount of base (WA and WI) will not benefit from this as much and should have a little more crit focus than other classes, but that is only because of their tremendous base and still does not warrant an outright neglect of amp.