SlimPup Linux

SlimPup was the first Linux distro I created. I started the project in 2011, and as the name implies, it's slim-looking and minimal. I was tired of cluttered menus, ugly desktops, useless taskbars, etc. I removed it all. I made a simple, concise menu and included the most popular and/or functional program for each computing task, including less popular tasks like file conversion, screencasting, video editing, etc. I removed the need for the taskbar, pinboard, and other things too. I just wanted something very appealing and minimal, yet well-equipped. So I made SlimPup. I entered it in my state's science fair in 11th grade and won 1st place, but more importantly it has garnered well over 20,000 downloads so far and the feedback I've received has been tremendous. The users seem to be very pleased with the product and that's what really makes me feel great. I really feel like I've made a good contribution to Puppy and Linux in general with this one. It runs live, it's a great rescue OS, permanent OS, and everything in between. You can look up slimpup on Google images and see all the cool layouts and themes people have done in it.

I first started SlimPup when a friend on the Puppy Forums named lithpr made a puplet inspired by Crunchbang called RexBang. He added Openbox (my favorite) and did some tricks under the hood. It was nice, but it inspired me to make it align with my vision. From then on, I worked on his puplet to create my own, adding/removing all sorts of libraries and editing scripts/configs. Years ago, not long after my very early and crude editions of SlimPup, lithpr mysteriously disappeared from the forums and removed all traces of his project. This one's for you, lith, wherever you may be. ;_;

As for the future, people have been asking me if there will be a SlimPup 4.0 or beyond. The answer is: yes. Eventually. I have plans to do a few new things that I did with Cthulhu, as well as making an alternate version with a newer kernel.

SlimPup comes with kernel version Here are some screenshots. For more info and the download link, visit