PulpOS is my latest Linux distribution, directly inspired by both SlimPup and Cthulhu. It is a complete recreation of SlimPup with an Ubuntu base and many other included features.

My reasoning behind using an Ubuntu base is my belief that it is the most widely-supported Linux platform with the best repositories.

It includes various icon, GTK2, and GTK3 themes, and the default themes are all integrated seamlessly and beautifully. I have also included some graphical zenity programs I made to easily switch between GTK3 and icon themes, as it is normally a very annoying process on Openbox.

My mission for making so many Openbox distros is to deliver the world's best Openbox distro. I want to fill Crunchbang's shoes. It is minimal, but I feel it is not minimal enough to really show the power of Openbox. I created a forum and hope people find it useful.

Here are some screenshots of PulpOS. For more info and the download link, visit www.pulpos.org