Cthulhu Linux

Cthulhu was a Linux distro I created in early 2014 based on Linux Mint. It was meant to basically be a rebrand of SlimPup, but with all the benefits and package management of Debian. Think of it as SlimPup for new computers.

The purpose of bringing my pup to a new base was to remove all restrictions concerning fancy shmancy new software, so logically I went all-out with it and chose the more bleeding edge Mint/Ubuntu over the old, yet stable, Debian. The kernel version is 3.8.0-19. The window manager it comes with is Openbox, and a fresh install boots using about 80-100mb of RAM.

This project was originally going to be called MintBox, since it's Linux Mint with Openbox, but that quickly changed when the creator of Linux Mint (Clement Lefebvre) threatened to sue me just for having "Mint" in the name. So I changed the name to Cthulhu and removed/changed everything I had done to accommodate this, simply because I didn't want to argue, I just wanted to get my distro out there for the people who want it.

So far, the only bug I'm aware of is that this particular release of Mint has an issue with the add-apt-repository command. As far as I know, there's no way to get it working properly, so you just have to add the repo(s) to sources.list like normal. Not really a big deal.

Cthulhu, like SlimPup, came with all the essentials. PCManFM, VLC, WinFF, XVidCap, GUVCView, GIMP, Clementine, Viewnior, PAVuControl, Brasero, LXTask, Synaptic, GParted, Deluge, Chrome/FireFox, and many more. It also uses the old Humanity icon theme by default. Cool and refreshing. So far, I have only released one version of it. With my love for Openbox and minimalism, I have thought about filling in Crunchbang's shoes since it is no longer in development.

Here are some screenshots of Cthulhu. The old SourceForge page is still up: www.cthulhulinux.sf.net