Hi, my name's sheep. This is my little corner of the Internet. I'm a big fan of minimalism, so that may answer any and all questions as to why this website is not as "robust" as some of my past works. This website serves to document some of my projects, ramblings, and ideas. Enjoy your stay.
The following are my hobbies and interests by category.
Linux: I'm a huge Linux fan. I'm a distro developer and I love anything and everything GNU.
Network security/hacking: I love to pen test and crack!
Drawing: I drew a lot as a kid but stopped for a long time. I've recently come back to drawing.
Cartoons: I love cartoons! Johnny Bravo, Ed Edd 'n' Eddy, Dexter's Lab, etc. I mostly like '90s cartoons and anime. I love the artwork and eras. I do like some new cartoons like Regular Show. I have an enormous cartoon and anime collection. Mostly cartoons. Lol.
Old Comedies: I'm a sucker for The Three Stooges, The Honeymooners, The Jeffersons, Sanford & Son, etc. I'm a complete Stooge fanatic and Jackie Gleason is the bomb. I keep a Stooge poster in my kitchen.
Art: I was very artistic growing up, but I haven't drawn in years. That being said, I'm a huge fan of Fantasy art. Luis Royo is my favorite artist.
Piano and other instruments: I took piano lessons for over 10 years as a kid. Along the way, I also played many other instruments for school and myself.
Ragtime: Ragtime and early forms of jazz are some of my favorite kinds of musics. I love it. So I play a lot of ragtime in my spare time.
Chiptunes: I'm really into chiptunes, keygens, and the demoscene. My favorite platforms are ZX, Genesis, C64, and MOD.
Creating digital music: I've been making electronic music and shit spanning lots of weird genres since I was 17.
Skateboarding: I quit when I was 14, but I still skate every so often. I could ollie a 10-stair too. ;)
Swords and weapons: I like to collect swords and weapons and I watch Skallagrim on Youtube, lol.
Nunchucking: I know how to use nunchucks and It's very rewarding, not to mention fun. Highly recommended.
Working out: I love fitness and I'm into calisthenics.
Super Smash Bros: I play Melee and I main peach. :)
Yu-Gi-Oh! I want to win a YCS and I run mermails.
Retrogaming: I am a Genesis fanboy. I have a library of retro games and I love emulators. I stick to mostly NES up to PSX. I also do like AVGN, and I have been watching him since I found him in 2008 when I found an old computer that had nothing on it except one of his videos.
Runescape: I play Old School RS. I joined it shortly after it came out. I don't play much anymore though. I have 99 def, 99 atk, quest cape, fire cape, etc.
CABAL Online: I was an old school god in CABAL NA on server Venus. The veteran players today still remember me: TheSheep. I came back in mid 2015 as "Rose" very strong, but quit again just 3 months later. I came back again in 2017 as a WA and geared up with 100b, but I quit literally 1 week later because I got bored. Then I came back again a few months later as a wizard after I became friends with aHeartBreaker. I regeared in a week and quit again, but then my irl friend wanted to share my wiz. It got pretty strong (strong enough to kick gregfishin's ass without even being anywhere near done with my set!!!!!) but right when all our gear was finally close to being finished, my friend sold half our stuff, so we quit. -_-
Other MMO's: I play Spiral Knights. I have all the 5* items and love to pvp and kick Vanna's butt. I also have 2 lvl 60's on Vindictus (former max lvl), a scythe Evie and an Arisha. I played mostly during beta and trained both my lvl 60's in about 2 weeks total. Oh, and my Arisha is tricked out in all black and neon green gear. Getting the dyes was excruciating.
OpenArena, Nexuiz: Fast-paced arena shooters are where the real FPS pros are at! I love these kind of Quake-based games. I have been playing Nexuiz since 2008, but I am not a pro. Some players out there are so good it's scary.