9/01/2016: The "Best Yu-Gi-Oh Side Cards" list has been updated. Use it to your advantage so you can smack down the meta.
4/15/2016: Whenever Ubuntu 16.04 LTS comes out, expect a new distro from me. Eventually. Lol.
4/10/2016: Just updated the YGO Xyz/Synchros list. It is still missing a few monsters, but I'll get around to it. Contact and a few other sections have been removed. Email button added. The about page has been severely updated! Check it out.
4/01/2016: I just moved to Atlanta! So stoked to see what's in store for me here.
11/12/15: I wrote a list of the best generic Yu-Gi-Oh Xyz and Synchros by rank and level, with their descriptions and attacks. Check it out here.
9/01/15: We're up! Expect more content soon.